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It has taken a few career changes to get to this point. I started in the arts, working as a display and interior designer and imagined going back to it after having children. When my second child was born with a severe illness, things changed. After years of being a carer, I had to find a job that worked around the family, so I went back to the classroom.

I worked as a teaching assistant and spent most of my time trying to share my love of books and inspire the students to express themselves with their own words. During this time, I was asked to create a backstory for a game pitch my husband was preparing, So, being presented with my own homework, I accepted the challenge, though it took a few years to complete. 


The children are all grown up now, so I am following a new path. I thoroughly enjoy writing; it's productive dreaming. I am well into the sequel now and I am looking forward to exploring a few different ideas that are tired of waiting in the wings. 


When I’m not writing or learning how to self-publish, I relax by reading or watching films. I regularly sing with inChoir and most  enjoy walking in the West Sussex woodlands with my scruffy Jack Russell, Dexter. On occasion, I take my husband, Simon too, who by the way, creates the artwork.


Though I read many genres, I am drawn to science fiction in my writing, probably because of my film watching addiction and box-set binging of the Sci-Fi, fantasy and paranormal themes. I’m fascinated with space exploration and love the blend between science fact and fiction.


The EVAC story features near future scenarios that are a realistic glimpse of our lives as space explorers. I endeavoured to create a fast paced, space adventure, following the impact of our commercial ventures as we finally colonize the Moon and beyond. It is extremely relevant at the moment with companies like, SpaceX and Virgin, using the media to help drive innovation.

But beware; if we run before we can walk, we'll need to be rescued. Are you ready for EVAC?



About the Author

Andrea J Britnell

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