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Finding a voice

I've been busy navigating social media and reading everything I can come across from other Indie authors. Most importantly I joined Goodreads. I think this will be a good way to reach potential readers and get into the habit of writing reviews as well as finishing those books I promised to read.

Selecting books for my library was a bit tricky when you consider the books you've read over your lifetime so I added a cross-section of genres that have resonated with me and will add new reads along the way. When I looked at my list I realised that I have many interests, so in my bio I wrote, 'interested in science fact and fiction, mysterious events and odd people' - I think that covers everything apart from obviously well written.

Like most people, I read books that have been recommended to me from friends; that's where Gooodreads comes in - it's like having thousands of friends and you know you can find people with like minded tastes that give honest reviews. I just wish I found it sooner.

Now what shall I do now - get back to writing the novel or read a few more chapters of my latest distraction?

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