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Let's celebrate Elon Musk

When I wrote EVAC Ignition the man I most related my character, James Healey the Third was Richard Branson, both being enigmatic visionaries with a sense of the theatrical; but along comes Elon Musk. For me, the Falcon Heavy lift off, is a turning point for our future space exploration. Space is no longer an acquisition of superpowers, it is for prospectors, adventurers and pioneers.

In EVAC, the driving force to colonize the moon is commerce, tourism and discovery. Elon understands that you need to inspire investment; create the fantastic - make people take notice - open minds to possibilities. These things may seem trivial to some and to others a waste of money but the technology from such ambitious inventions filters down to affect everyone’s lives and who knows what cures and solutions will be discovered in the near future.

I am really excited about the future and I have realised those hopes in EVAC; I believe our society’s motivations are beginning to change. But what I am most excited about is how these scenarios I have written about as fiction, are starting to come true. Well done Elon!

A J Britnell

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