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the moment I unwrapped my paperback.

Updated: Jan 10, 2018

It was really exciting, peeling back the amazon book-wrap. I think my husband, Simon did a fantastic job with the cover image that illustrates the fast paced action of the story.

We knew that Simon would create the art from the beginning, since he's a commercial artist and works in CGI; the tricky part was what aspect of the book I wanted to push. My first instinct was a moody moonscape with my leading lady looking out a panoramic window but it didn't evoke tension. The story is fast paced with many moments of peril so I agreed that the books literal launch benefited from a bit an explosive cover.

My only misgiving is that the cover is extremely masculine while my story has a broad appeal, covering not only rescue in the face of catastrophe but the relationships needed to triumph in an even more commercial world.

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